Modern Renaissance VS Soft Glam


On Instagram I ran a poll whether the next blog post should be doing the UD Backtalk Review or enlightening you with a comparison between the newest ABH palette, Soft Glam, with one of their most popular (and one of my favorite palettes) Modern Renaissance.

Notably I was hesitant at first to compare these two, for some odd reason because in the past all the comparisons of any palette with Modern Renaissance have been a flop. But fortunately enough, Soft Glam did exceed the same standards and expectations as Modern Renaissance.


As you can clearly see, the Modern Renaissance palette is ridiculously used up, almost half the shades have hit pan which I’m okay with because it clearly shows that this palette is one of the greatest makeup products I’ve ever tried. Although I’ve already talked about this palette multiple times, I still decided to talk about it one more time, in hopes to see the full difference and similarities between the two palettes.

Before the comparison starts, if you haven’t read the first review for Soft Glam  (first impression) then do it because my opinions completely changed after trying it multiple times.

Also, heads up this is going to be a post only about comparing these two palettes, I won’t talk about the specific details about each one, so you can read the Modern Renaissance palette review right here.


Moving alone to the actual post, when I tried Soft Glam at first it wasn’t my cup of tea, I never really thought of it to be my go to palette, or one of my favorites until I tried it again. Now I’ve truly fallen in love with it. Just like the Modern Renaissance, the formula is exactly the same and even Anastasia Beverly Hills themselves said that they made sure that this formula is exactly like the infamous Modern Renaissance.


Comparing these two pictures together, you could clearly see that they’re both very similar, the packaging and the colors. I stated in the Soft Glam review that four of the shades are the same on the Modern Renaissance which has its ups and downs.

Not only is the formula of the palette the same, but also the packaging, the mirror, the fabric like feel to it, and the brush that it comes with is also the same. So really, Soft Glam isn’t all that special, its practically Modern Renaissance’s twin sister, while Subculture is like their step sister.



Soft Glam Anastasia Beverly Hills First Impression


I was pretty excited about this palette to say the least, since I’m a huge fan of both Modern Renaissance and Subculture, I knew Soft Glam would be amazing. I had high expectations. Did ABH disappoint?

(I’ve sectioned off this blog post to difference sections incase you wanted to read about the formula or the packaging etc etc)



The color palette wasn’t really a big deal for me, I can guarantee you that I have almost all the colors in other palettes, but it does live up to it’s name with Soft Glam, because these colors really do create a soft makeup look. Something that was interesting to me was that four of the shades are the exact same on the Modern Renaissance such as:

  • Tempera
  • Burnt Orange
  • Sienna
  • Cyprus Umber

It could be good for people that don’t own the Modern Renaissance palette because then they’ll be able to experiment the same colors, but bad for people who already own Modern Renaissance and are wanting to try out new colors. But other than that, I personally love the shimmer shades the most, I think they’re quite unique and different from what Anastasia usually offers.


I’ll most definitely be creating a review comparing this palette with the Modern Renaissance palette, I feel like there is some change within the formula between the two  but I’ll talk about it in another post.

The formula is great as always, there was a lot of pigmentation – nothing new – but there was also some fall out. Now I personally don’t really mind or care about fall out because it happens, but if you are someone that really cares about saving up product and not wasting it, then it’s going to be a problem.

Other than the actual product, the formula of the products does smell like makeup. Compared to other makeup brands such as Too Faced, they have a more chocolate scent to it whilst this one just smelt like chemicals.


As you can see in this weird angle picture, there is some fall out resting on the pan, I simply used the provided brush and tapped on the eyeshadow pan two three times. Once again, I don’t really see this as an issue but I know to some people it may be inconvenient and a bother.

The picture below shows just how much product the brush picks up when tapping on the eyeshadow pan.




Just like the Modern Renaissance and Subculture, I love the simplicity and the elegance of the packaging, it makes traveling around with it much easier.

The packaging will get dirty because it’s not plastic but more so like a fabric feel to it, but once again, I really do not mind at all.


I really did enjoy the palette over all, I didn’t necessarily fall in love with it. Would I recommend it someone? If they are starting out, then yes. If you own a couple of palettes then there is a high chance of you owning most of these shades so it’s not really worth it to spend $42 dollars on shades you already own. But starting out, these are great colors to experiment and familiarize yourself with first before going into the more colorful colors and really figuring out how to blend, use transition colors, and so on.

It is an easy palette to use, Modern Renaissance is very similar to this palette, and Modern Renaissance was one of the first palettes that I used and it was fairly easy to use.


That’s all, I really hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions feel free to comment down below 🙂

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