Modern Renaissance VS Soft Glam


On Instagram I ran a poll whether the next blog post should be doing the UD Backtalk Review or enlightening you with a comparison between the newest ABH palette, Soft Glam, with one of their most popular (and one of my favorite palettes) Modern Renaissance.

Notably I was hesitant at first to compare these two, for some odd reason because in the past all the comparisons of any palette with Modern Renaissance have been a flop. But fortunately enough, Soft Glam did exceed the same standards and expectations as Modern Renaissance.


As you can clearly see, the Modern Renaissance palette is ridiculously used up, almost half the shades have hit pan which I’m okay with because it clearly shows that this palette is one of the greatest makeup products I’ve ever tried. Although I’ve already talked about this palette multiple times, I still decided to talk about it one more time, in hopes to see the full difference and similarities between the two palettes.

Before the comparison starts, if you haven’t read the first review for Soft Glam  (first impression) then do it because my opinions completely changed after trying it multiple times.

Also, heads up this is going to be a post only about comparing these two palettes, I won’t talk about the specific details about each one, so you can read the Modern Renaissance palette review right here.


Moving alone to the actual post, when I tried Soft Glam at first it wasn’t my cup of tea, I never really thought of it to be my go to palette, or one of my favorites until I tried it again. Now I’ve truly fallen in love with it. Just like the Modern Renaissance, the formula is exactly the same and even Anastasia Beverly Hills themselves said that they made sure that this formula is exactly like the infamous Modern Renaissance.


Comparing these two pictures together, you could clearly see that they’re both very similar, the packaging and the colors. I stated in the Soft Glam review that four of the shades are the same on the Modern Renaissance which has its ups and downs.

Not only is the formula of the palette the same, but also the packaging, the mirror, the fabric like feel to it, and the brush that it comes with is also the same. So really, Soft Glam isn’t all that special, its practically Modern Renaissance’s twin sister, while Subculture is like their step sister.



6 thoughts on “Modern Renaissance VS Soft Glam

  1. Great review! Honestly when I saw the picture of both palettes together at first glance I thought it was the same palette haha. I don’t own either of these palettes but they both seem to be perfection! I definitely need to get my hands on Soft Glam!


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