Skin Care Favorites

All these products that I’m about to talk about are from Sephora, incase you were wondering.

I’ll start off with the facial cleanser, I bought this early this summer and to be honest I didn’t like it at first, I just felt like it wasn’t doing much so I put it off to the side and resorted to using my other cleansers. I decided to give it a go this winter and oh my god I love it so much. First off, the packaging is to die for, look how cute – it definitely made my Instagram page look a little more “cuter”. And the name, the name is what really got me to buy this product in the first place.

Now this does actually work, I used it for a week and I quickly noticed how much cleaner and clearer my skin started to look and feel, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. It helped to dramatically reduce the amounts of oils on my skin and it helped to hydrate it as well. I’d say it’s perfect for oily skin people like myself.

Egg Mousse Soap

From the get go, the second I bought it, I loved it. This is also another facial cleanser, but it’s a two in one kind of deal. It can be both either a mask or cleanser, to use it as a mask you have to make sure your face is clean (I usually use the egg mousse soap) and then I’ll apply this onto my face, dry. If you want it as a cleanser, them just simply mix it a little bit with water and wash your face with it, if you leave it on for a while it’ll start to bubble up a little.

I prefer to use it as a mask just because I feel like it has a much bigger effect than using it as a cleanser, it helps to exfoliate my skin as well as get rid of any blackhead or pores. This works on all kinds of skin types so that’s a plus.

Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

Along with the mask, I’ll also add on this peel off mask from Urban Decay, I only apply this to my nose to get rid of any blackheads just Incase both cleansers didn’t really get rid of them all. I really like this mask, it’s easy to use, creates no mess whatsoever, and does its job. It cleans out your pores perfectly. (I might like Urban Decay’s skincare line more than their makeup line)

Makeup Prep Pore Peel Off

Last but certainly not least, this oil moisturizer from Josie Marsh, I discovered this brand last year with their masks and I love the brand so much. I am not a huge fan of moisturizers because my skin is oily and those tend to make my skin even more oilier, but this one somehow doesn’t it do that. Even though it’s an oil. This is the lighter version of it, so it’s not too heavy but just enough to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out from all the facial cleansers you use.

Josie Marian 100% Pure Argan Oil

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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