Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Review


I know I say this every time, but I mean it this time, I’m in love.


Before I get into the actual palette, can we talk about the packaging? I love it. It’s just so pretty to look at and it motivates me to try and not get this palette dirty. Other than the picture on it, the weight of this palette is super light so it won’t be too heavy in your makeup bag, like other palettes. And in size, I personally think that this is a great size, especially for traveling, it’s thin and average sized, perfect to slide it in anywhere on the go.

If you recall from her other palette, it didn’t have a mirror, but this one does, which I feel like is a great step up and improvement so kudos to Huda for this. I’m a huge fan of big mirrors and this mirror is perfect.


Now for the actual product, it’s amazing. Just like the rest of her beauty products, this palette is great as well. I’m a huge sucker for all those matte shades, they’re blendable and buildable, so it’s easier to control the color. Which also means that there is barely any fall out for the mattes only. Some of these shades are shimmer and some are pure glitter, using a brush won’t do much when picking the product up so I recommend either drowning your brushes with setting spray or using your fingers. Either way, the color comes out to be super pigmented blendable.

Thank you for reading!

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Desert Dusk Palette ($68)

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