Sephora Pro Palette Review


I only reviewed one of the three palettes so let’s assume that they’re all the same thing okay? okay.


(Sorry in advance if the pictures are eh, I’m learning all my photography “skills” again)

I’m finally back from the states which means get ready for 20 palette reviews in the next few weeks. Out of the whole bunch of palettes that I bought recently, the one that I really wanted to try out was none other than the Sephora Pro Palettes. I don’t typically buy sephora brand eyeshadows unless I’m looking for specific colors – but Sephora stepped up their game with these palettes. They’re gorgeous.


Now about the palette, I love it. First off, I want to talk about the huge variety of eyeshadows because wow. I’m pleased that there is a perfect balance between mattes and shimmers, I like me some of both so that was amazing.

The eyshadows are wonderful. I love every single one. The last time I really did enjoy a palette was the Modern Renaissance one, now let me tell you why. The Modern Renaissance shimmers are very pigmented, the eyeshadow can be picked up by the brush and you don’t have to use your fingers (which I hate doing) so when I tried out this palette and realized you don’t have to use your fingers, I was amazed.


All the colors are amazing, I’m in love with the formula. The shadows are blendable and buildable which I think is something we all look for when we’re buying a high end or a pricey palette.

Now the packaging, I also love it. The packaging is so thin and elegant that you can really understand why it’s so expensive. It’s perfect. The big mirror in there was a huge plus and I am a sucker for huge mirrors in palettes so this really made me love it even more.

That’s all I have to say really, I highly recommend it if you have the money because it is such an amazing palette.

Thank you for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Sephora Pro Palette Review

  1. I have super sensitive eyes and I’m always worried about trying new eyeshadow brands – have not tried any of the “Sephora” brand products. Thanks for the review

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  2. I was so excited when I saw these pro palettes being released! I instantly thought that it would dupe the Natasha Denona palettes! For the price and how many shadows you get, it’s such a great deal!

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  3. I agree that sephora has stepped up their game with these palettes . I usually tend to stay away from sephora brand products, but these palettes really have my interest!

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