Milk Feel Cleansing Pad Lapcos Review

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This is the kind of product where you assume it won’t work out because it looks weird and it feels weird but then after a few days you get these amazing results – or maybe that’s just me.

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I’ve been running out of ideas for blog posts lately, obviously that is evident by my lack of posts. I think after my Subculture Palette review (which got a lot of reviews by the way – so thank you!) I kinda just left my blog. So I went into this boutique look alike store and found this pack of cleansing pads.

My first thought was, “Oh thank God, something easy for lazy people.” I would love to keep my face clean and flawless but that takes too much work so when I found these I was about to present a thank you speech.

“… and most importantly, thank you Mother for dragging me into the store when I was too lazy to get out of the car. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to find this amazing product…” I’m sorry I’ll stop.

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Anyway let’s actually get on to the review. So the instructions say that you rub this all over your face in circular motion and then rinse it off with water – simple enough. I did all that and my first impression for this product was “Why does it feel like I’m rubbing oatmeal all over my face?” Which it in fact does feel like that, but since this product promises to get rid of dead skin I see why the texture is like that.

I really did like this product, I used for 1 week straight and I can definitely see an improvement on my skin – hydration wise and glowy wise. But as for the pimples on my face, it didn’t do much. Which I’m not too mad about because the packaging doesn’t really say that it removes pimples.

Well, I really do like this product and if you’re lazy like me then I highly recommend this – I’ll open one of these pads and watch youtube while rubbing it all over my face. Easy and simple.

Thank you for reading!

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