ABH Subculture Palette Review


There are a lot of mixed reviews being thrown out there, mostly negative thus making a lot of people stay away from the Subculture Palette. Honestly, stop focusing on one popular bad review and do what the blogger or youtuber says, if you really want to try it out then by all means go ahead and try it out yourself. (Or enter my giveaway on instagram @thechicoommunity where you can win one of these palettes)

*All pictures are taken AFTER using the palette*


If you’ve been living under a rock then you wouldn’t have known that Anastasia Beverly Hills released a new palette named Subculture, we makeup lovers like to think it’s Modern Renaissance sister. So, does the palette live up to the same expectations and adoration like Modern Renaissance?

Someone posted a video showing how the shade Roxy was a bit too powdery, a lot of people just considered it  as a powder. That changed a lot of people’s opinions on this palette saying they don’t want it anymore. I listened to none of that and decided to try it out myself. Here’s what I thought.


I personally think this is a lovely palette, the shades are gorgeous and it has more mattes than shimmers which is a bonus. Now I do have to say that the shade Roxy is powdery, but the other shades are not. So if you don’t want to get this palette because of one shade, then honey you are missing out. I did two looks, one look on each eye and they turned out perfect.

The first look I used the shade Roxy and although there was powder, it was a great shade. And it was my fault because I aggressively swirled my brush around, so I changed the way I pick up product and started tapping it on the shade, thus giving me a good amount of product and pigmentation. I paired it up with a shimmery color for my lid using Electric, it was amazing. The brush easily picked up the product (With no fallout or powderiness) and was applied gorgeously onto my eyelid.

Even though the popular opinion is that it’s a bad palette, I really do think that it’s not at all, maybe people got the bad palettes. While everyone got theirs early, I got my two palettes later than everyone else and I got great results from the palette.

If you like or don’t like ABH, I still recommend this palette the colors are gorgeous and compliment my skin color amazingly.

Thank you for reading! Hope this review helps!

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21 thoughts on “ABH Subculture Palette Review

  1. Thank you for a honest review of the WHOLE palette. I have been in the fence about purchasing this so will take your advice on researching it out and trying it myself.
    The worst outcome is I don’t like it and return and the best is that I have another amazing ABH palette to add to my collection.

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  2. Love the look of the colours in this palette, I’m still yet to get my hands on the modern renaissance one… ill catch up eventually haha. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. I also didn’t have any problems with blending or patchiness. Mine is batch P7, but it does make a difference when you tap off excess and apply with a light hand👌🏼

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  4. Thank you for the review! When I first saw this palette I wanted it immediately but after seeing so many bad reviews I was very put off! I usually only tap lightly with my palettes anyway so the fall out didn’t worry me too much but the blending did. Many people are recommending to try it out in stores first but as I live in the U.K. I’m only able to get it online! After reading this review I’m more tempted to just try it out for myself. Xx

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  5. I’m no eyeshadow palette collector and so don’t wear eyeshadow much on the whole however, I did see some of the reviews on YouTube and felt like the palette was judged too harshly! Some of the beauty vloggers were literally swirling their brush in it to make a point but I just thought it was ridiculous. a) waste of product and b) clearly the wrong technique was being used so why continue? It really baffled me and as a viewer, I actually felt like they were finding a way to almost insult the brand.

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