Better Together Review (Too Faced x Kat Von D)


One of the main reasons why I got this palette was because of the packaging, and also two of my favorite makeup brands collabing? Sign me up.


(Sorry for the blurriness, my hands were really shaky when I was taking the pictures)

If you have ever read my blog posts or took a look at my Instagram page (@thechicommunity) then you would know I am a huge fan of Too Faced, I try to get everything they release but I’m usually not in the states when they release things, which sucks but at least I save some money. Anyway, when Too Faced announced that they were collabing with Kat Von D, my heart went boom. (Hamilton reference, sorry I’m obsessed) I just had to get the palette.

So, on Too Faced side, it’s a good palette. What I really like about this palette is that all the colors are chosen from different palettes. Maybe some people find it annoying that they’re the same colors but I think it’s a good deal, especially if you want to try out Too Faced for the first time. For example, the green shade or “Heart of Gold” shade is similar to the one in the Sweet Peach palette, or the light pink shade “Lovely” is similar to the colors in the Chocolate Bon Bons palette. The pigmentation is as great as ever, but to get the shimmer I drown my brushes with makeup setting spray.


On Kat Von D’ side, also very similar review. I only own two eyeshadow palettes from Kat Von D, one is a Birthday gift from my friend and it does not have the same colors as the one shown above. I don’t think I have ever seen these colors in other KVD palettes, if I remember correctly. It’s a great deal on my behalf because I got to try out different eyeshadow colors that I don’t necessarily buy or use everyday.

The pigmentation is also great, and the same thing with the shimmery shadows, you either gotta use your fingers to get the product or drown your brushes, there’s no in between.

Overall, I suggest these palettes if it’s your first time trying out these brands, but if you already have multiple palettes from each brand then I don’t recommend, because they’re all very similar. (By the way, they’re magnetic, so they stick to each other by the edges)

Thank you for reading!

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22 thoughts on “Better Together Review (Too Faced x Kat Von D)

  1. I heard it’s also not good as a main palette because they can’t be used alone. It is best to use other palettes to create a full look.

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  2. It’s cool that they’re magnetic and stick together! And i agree it would be great for someone trying out the formulas for the first time. I have a lot of the similar shades so I would probably pass on it. x

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  3. Thank you for this review! Too Faced has always been one of my favorite beauty brands, but I’ve been hearing so many bad things about them recently that I haven’t been wanting to purchase any more of their palettes. I’m glad to hear that the pigmentation is still there! ❤

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