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this is my second tag on this blog and i have been loving it! i get to talk more about myself and learn more about you guys. i have been tagged by two lovely people, dasilvax and thegirlwithnoface. if you haven’t already, go check out their blogs, they’re doing such amazing jobs on it.

the rules:

– tag the blogger that nominated you

– answer the questions given

– come up with questions of your own

– nominate other bloggers and don’t forget to tell them

since i was nominated by two bloggers, i will be answering 20 questions.

questions i was given: dasilvax

do you remember your first makeup item?

it was a lipstick but i don’t know from what brand.

favorite high end brand?

Chanel all the way.

How often do you shop for makeup?

only when i travel, so during winter break and the summer.

favorite beauty youtuber?


what do you love about makeup?

how everyone has their own way of applying makeup and feeling confident in it.

what is the last picture on your phone?

a picture of my conditioner for when i did my last post on what i use in the shower.

when you are sad, what makes you happy?

honestly just going and talking to my mom, and i’ll just cuddle up and start watching youtube.

what is your favorite thing about blogging?

definitely reading comments, those always make my day.

what is the best gift you have ever received?

this is a hard one, but the first thing that popped into my mind is when my family and i were in the london airport and my mom came to me and got out my first ever beats headphones.

if you could posses one superpower, what would it be?

invisibility for sure.

questions i was given: thegirlwithnoface

what is your all time favorite makeup brand?

at the moment, its bite beauty.

what is your morning routine?

wake up around 5:45, go to the bathroom, get out and change into my school uniform and leave the house at 6. literally only three steps. a girl loves to sleep in.

favorite tv series?

new girl all the way!

why do you love blogging?

because i get to share things that i love and read things that interest me. without having to analyze and annotate.

what’s your favorite dish?

i honestly have no idea, basically everything that my mom cooks!

whats your dream job?

it used to be a youtuber, but now i’m not sure anymore.

celebrity style obsession?

ariana grande, with all the onesies, i just can’t.

what do you prefer, hair extensions or nail extensions? 

hair extensions.

your all time quote?

“the worst of our faults is our interests in other people’s  faults.” -ali ibn abi talib.

these are all the questions that were given to me, now these are my questions:

  1. what’s your least favorite makeup brand?
  2. what time do you usually wake up in the morning?
  3. girly or tomboy?
  4. do you prefer heals or flats?
  5. who’s your favorite youtuber?
  6. are you more of a planner, or wing it person?
  7. what is one thing you cannot leave the house with?
  8. what’s your favorite store?
  9. do you like books on the realistic side or supernatural side?
  10. headphones or earphones?

bloggers i nominate:

the jouska





thanks for reading. all the love.




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